Project Description

Here you can see the photos are the final product of this project. A brand new Carrera White 997 GT3!


This project was a full, and we mean, a full respray/color change.

The car arrived in in midnight blue with a bent rear end, the car was involved in an accident and the new owner decided that midnight blue wasn’t sexy enough,

The car was fully stripped down to metal. We then fixed up the dents on the body.

You can see the engine was removed, this part of the work was done at VAG Motorsport in Laval, Quebec.

With he impact the door hook needed some attention, and on the next photo (on the right) you can see the new original Porsche rear bumper! Quality first.

We first painted the exterior of the car body and then all the parts such as the doors, bumpers and rooftop.


Here you can see how deep we went with the color change, everything was painted Carrera White, even underneath the body.


The car was then ready to be reassembled and ready to be driven. This was a great project that turned out amazing.


Here’s the final result, once again:



Thank you and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Project Details